Feb 27, 2014


World-class football freestyler Dan Magness, whose feats include, holding the Guinness World Record for longest distance walked while doing keepie-uppys, has teamed up with Soccer Suckers™ to share his five top skills in a video for budding tricksters to learn.

Magness, who also earned a Guinness World Record for juggling a football for over 26 hours using only his feet, thighs and head; teamed up with the football collectible craze, Soccer Suckers™.

Dan Magness, said: “I am the keepy-uppy world record holder and I’m going to give you my top five skills to get you started….”

1. Get the ball off the floor without using your hands

Firstly, it's really important to be able to get the ball off the floor without using your hands, so I'm going to teach you a trick called the reverse rocket launcher and then you can give it a go."What we're going to do, we're going to get the ball between our feet, we're going to jump forward throwing the ball over our head and catch it in our hands, that's called the reverse rocket launcher.

2. Keepy Uppy

The skill number two is keepy-uppy, using your feet, to do this it's really important to use your laces and juggle the ball nice and calmly pointing your toes forward all the time.

3. Five Touch Skill

Now we've mastered the basics of keepy-uppy we're going to go on to skill number three which is a five touch skill, your going to take two touches with your feet, two with your thighs and one with your head.

4. Seven Tour Skill

So now we've managed the five-touch drill, were going to take it on a step further and be a little more tricky, were going to try the seven up.

5.Neck Catch

So now we've covered all the fundamentals of keepy-uppy, we've used our feet, we've used our knees, and we've used our shoulders and our head we're now going to go onto a trick called the neck catch.


To see Dan perform these fantastic skills in action visit the Jumbo Youtube Channel by clicking the link.