Aug 1, 2013

Kick off your SoccerSuckers™ collection

SoccerSuckers™ are the brand new collectable football craze that gives you the chance to collect and build your very own dream teams from the top English football clubs and stick them everywhere!


Football fans across the country will be eager to complete their very own dream teams by collecting all 40 SoccerSuckers™ players and swapping them with friends to form the ultimate squad of players. There are 8 players from Arsenal, Chelsea FC, Liverpool FC, Manchester City FC and Tottenham Hotspurs to collect with more teams to come!

Inside each SoccerSuckers™ football capsule is a single player from one of the top English clubs in the league. When you buy a SoccerSuckers™ football capsule you won’t know what player is inside, which makes it more of a fun surprise for when you open the capsule.

Each SoccerSuckers™ has its own sucker pad on the reverse side which can be stuck to most flat, glossy surfaces including refrigerators, PC/TV screens, telephones, microwaves, baths, tiles, mirrors, breakfast bowls, windows and inside car windscreens. Collectors can stick their SoccerSuckers™ to these surfaces and move players around to create their own formations and team.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our Where To Buy page to find out where you can pick up the latest football craze and starting building your ultimate dream team today! Don’t forget to tell your friends so that you can do swapsies with them.